I just want to be clean

So i am jumping into the the river naked, no photo, no reason, no rhyme, no season to be jumping but i must say somethings and something is what this post is, not what this post will say. It is strictly to let my mind flow on the open net which is the river as it flows. I see all those around and i know i need to cover some ground for i cannot make music of draw or do very much at all but if you read these words just right iambic pentameter might just find you tonight.

I cannot cease the night nor the day for the world is inverted, so ill say fair the well may we all be it loose to raise,,,

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Right there, flowing, growing, letting it come as it does.

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@peepso_user_66(stickupboys) I am far enough down the river where they cannot see me and your dumping in said river wont flow to get me.....i hope.
@peepso_user_1(Nyx-Labs.com) Qualis in undis, constantia servat fluenta vadis.