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Knowledge is a resource more precious and rare than most. The Nyx Wiki serves as a library and encyclopedia to ideas, concepts and content found along the River Styx! Adding things to the Wiki is also a great way to earn some extra Mana.

In this here almanac, studious souls can learn about Spirit Stakes, Items, Adaptables, Levels, Gameplay elements and technical concepts. The Knowledge base also serves as a resource for blockchain and web development terminology.

"The River" is made up of many locations, adaptables, items, spirit stakes, story pages, blockchain modules and more!

Each souls progress along the river is unique. Think of it as an RPG that "grows" with you.

As the current and flow of the river shifts, different options will become available here for you to explore.

to the Library
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How it works

An overview of the Styx “stack” and technology at work behind the scenes. Also serves as an introduction to the project.


Frequently asked questions, common queries, relatable information and more about Nyx & Styx may be found here.

The Laboratory

Provides an overview of modules, features and apps that are live or currently being worked on by your friendly Nyx Labs elves.


Book of Styx



Items and terms added to the Glossary earn you Mana & XP!


JavaScript is primarily used in web design as it is easy to connect the link between blocks of information. Creating the…


Solidity is a contract-based language that is primarily used in Ethereum and Blockchain development. One of the reasons why programmers…


A digital facility that holds your Ether and other Ethereum based tokens (like Drachmae). It lets you interact seamlessly with…

Ethereum [ETH]

Ethereum is a technology that lets you send cryptocurrency to anyone for a small fee. It also powers applications that everyone can…


Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Known as cryptocurrency, it was invented in 2008…


  Gamification /ˌɡeɪmɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ noun the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of…


Your rank on Nyx-labs.com indicates how long and how much you participate in the community over time. The more you…


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. As of January 2018, Binance was the…

Game Mechanics

"Game Mechanics are constructs of rules and feedback loops intended to produce enjoyable gameplay. They are the building blocks that can be applied and combined to gamify any non-game context."

Gas Prices

Gas refers to the fee, or pricing value, required to successfully conduct a transaction or execute a contract on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Ren Protocol

In 2017 software developers Taiyang Zhang and Loong Wang founded Republic Protocol. The following year the project had a private…

Non-fungible token (NFT)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)­ are used to represent a digital asset (photos, videos, audio, and other digital files), allows users to…

Merkle tree

Merkle trees are widely used in blockchain technology to efficiently verify the authenticity of transactions and to provide a secure and tamper-proof distributed ledger.


Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications.

Binary Tree

A binary tree is a data structure used in computer science to organize and store data. It consists of nodes connected by edges, where each node can have at most two children nodes.

Spirit Stakes

Spirit Stake

"Spirit Stakes" are locations, buildings and places that may be found along the river. Industrious souls can invest into these to receive resources, items, fame and more! 

The Fishing Hut

"Souls with a Spirit Stake in the "Fishing Hut" can expect to catch Adaptables every now and again. It's a slow process, but potentially a profitable one."

The Homestead

"The Homestead is a relatively safe spot to set down a Spirit Stake. Perhaps it can be upgraded further? Comes with a little garden that spawns local flora."

The Transmutation Hut

"A place of potent magical alchemy. Souls with a Spirit Stake here can expect strong boons to their Mana stocks."

Heartlake Lodge

This lodge and taverna is a popular location at the shore of the Heartlake. Innkeepers can expect regular income from patron Souls."

The Campfire

"The “Campfire” allows a soul that has a Spirit Stake to stake a witness claim at The River. It often *moves around* and is prone to constant changes as fire tends to be."

The Barn

The Barn

"This quaint barn is a great place to put some equipment in storage. It also doubles nicely as a workshop."

Snek Sanctum

Serpent imagery abounds in this fairly intact temple ruin. You seem to "feel" echoes of a more industrious age long gone by.

The Apiary

This Apiary uses the energised water of "The Rapids" to produce delicious honey. The bees are exceptionally friendly too!



"Items" are collectibles, curio, everyday objects or item of arcane lore. You may need them to trade, grow, evolve or progress the story in one way or another! You'll be able to get an overview of the items you've collected in your Inventory!

Splinterbloom Cactus

"With the proper conditions met the ubiquituous Turtle Cacti can be brought to bloom! The flowers are a magnificent shade of burgundy purple and exude a stern discipline."

Small Mana Potion

"This small flask is filled with a strange purple liquid. It glows faintly."

Velociraptor Claw

"This fossilized Velociraptor Claw has seen its share of history. It's still exceedingly sharp."

River Lotus

"These "River Lotus" absorb some of the essence of the stream. They grow abundantly in the most visited parts of Styx."


"The "Nyxshroom" is a fire red mushroom with replenishing qualities. It can only be picked up by those with an affinity for magic."

Wasp Catcher

"This is a fully functional "wasp catcher" to painlessly catch insects with. It can be 3D-printed and works in the real world too!"

Entwined Scroll

"An ancient looking scroll entwined by vines with purple flowers. The merchant swears that they will retract once you purchase. You somehow doubt it..."

Cracked Dragon Egg

"A broken dragon egg. It seems that whatever was occupying it hatched quite recently."


"The brilliant plume of a Firebird with a color spectrum like molten lava. It bristles around famous souls."

Turtleshell Cactus

"These cacti are a fairly common sight along the river Styx. They resemble the shell of a Turtle! Cultivating them is a tricky yet fruitful endeavour."

"The Binancium Shard"

The Binancium Crystal

"The shining amber crystal that was contained within the cosmic rock came to be known as Binancium by the denizens of the Springlands. As a material imbued with radiant magic energies, the crystal transformed...



"Hivestone is a rather curious byproduct in the condensation process of Steam and Mana, wherein the purest parts of each element splits off in a very rapid (yet surprisingly safe) reaction forming...

Rune Chilli

Rune Chilli

"Absolutely devillishly hot and spicy. If ever there was an aspect of fire, this is it. Goes well with chicken and curries!"

Naga Horn

The Naga Horn shares a resemblance with familiar magical horns such as the horn of blasting or horn of bubbles. It is crafted from polished brass and features a winding shape reminiscent...



"Adaptables" creatures and beings you may encounter and collect during your travels. You may need them to trade, grow, evolve or progress the story in one way or another! You'll be able to get an overview of the items you've collected in your Inventory!



Spark Adaptable “A mysterious swirl of purple energy. It pulses softly.”...

Baby Blarp


“A tiny creature rests inside this tiny green marble. It eyes...

Astral Robin

Astral Robin

“A bird of brilliant magical plume and poise. Its song can...



This cute tadpole-like creature eyes you with interest. It seems to...


This multfaceted denizen of the Springlands is a shy and mercurial...



“This short-tempered creature is constantly coiling and twisting in elaborate motions...



“A group(?) of three glowing purple demons constantly interlocked in strange...



"Not quite fish and not quite scorpion, this multi-colored marine creature...



“Likes to roll in from the hedges and undergrowth. Their burrows...


"Arcane-bred, fabulously fast, phase-maned and of legendary beauty. Legend has it,...

Locations & Points of Interest

"Locations" are landmarks, natural sites and places of interest that may be found along the river. These may often progress the story, offer choice or provide resources.

Etch it into infinity.

Digital hieroglyphics they called it. Apparently Icarus learned how to leave this behind. Perhaps it will lead us to him if we find more digital clues? Strange, there appears to be a...

Mana Geysir

This magical font springs forth from the dry desert ground. Some powerful mages must have fashioned the roughly hewn stone…

Mana Flats

Mana Flats As you stand looking onto the Mana Flats, the dry and vast expanse stretches out before you as…

The Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree You spot a gnarled and lonely tree growing on a tiny island in the midst of a calm…

Lily Ford

Lily Ford In this area, the stream has slowed down enough to create a natural bridge with the aid of…

Rustgale Docks

Rustgale Docks

Rustgale Docks At the edge of the world you come across what looks like a ship harbor hanging off the…

Springsap Embankment

Springsap Embankment As you crest a small dune next to the stream, you notice an unusually dry patch of terrain…

According to the Minecraft Wiki: Mycelium is a particularly rare variant of dirt that is only found naturally in mushroom fields biomes. It has a particle effect that resembles tiny spores being released constantly from the surface. In this case...

You come across a constantly shifting mass of cubes. It is mesmerising to watch. You wonder what it does. Attempt to open the cube? FUNNY EQUATIONS Game Help FUNNY EQUATIONS - This...

Maps & Movement

"Locations" are landmarks, natural sites and places of interest that may be found along the river. These may often progress the story, offer choice or provide resources.

The Rapids – Sketch

Welcome to “The Rapids” – a region within Styx that loves playing tricks on unwary souls. Brace yourself for a…

Creatures of the Springlands

A map chronicling the wildlife of this region. It seems oddly alive and you could swear that you saw the depicted little critters move around a bit. Useful for Adaptable Trainers.

Rhapsody Valley

Welcome to the Cartography section brave Soul! Here you will keep your collected maps as you venture further down the…

Springlands Illustrated Map

Welcome to the Cartography section brave Soul! Here you will keep your collected maps as you venture further down the…

Springlands Sketch

Welcome to the Cartography section brave Soul! Here you will keep your collected maps as you venture further down the…



Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg

You find yourself engulfed in total darkness.  Suddenly, a single spark appears in the distance. As it starts...

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon

A freshly hatched dragon. It may be tiny...but you know better than to mess with it. Dragons are...


An adolescent Drake Dragons that have learned to fly but are not yet able to breathe fire or...


A real, massive, ACTUAL Dragon Creatures of legends and myth, Dragons have long captured the imagination of souls...



So far nobody here has heard of you. As you participate in the community your renown will grow...


A respectable host of souls have interacted with Upstarts already. Not a totally unknown quantity anymore.

Local Hero

Proven to be well-known and well-connected, "Local Heroes" are the heart and soul of most communities.

River Idol

The rare, the exceptional, the influential. Only the fewest souls will ever reach the status of "River Idol",...


Strange Bean

A stange seed. Nurture it and it may turn into an enterprise.


A magical sprout. Can only be grown by those with a penchant for business.

Stout Sproutling

This stalk has taken root and has started growing towards the sun. You notice that it started to carry little crystal berries that you can pick!


Travel along the River Styx to locations and shards further downriver.

Keep in mind that the available paths change depending on where you are

Discovering and interacting with other areas in the river is certain to lead to unexpected outcomes.

Exploration is encouraged.

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