Community Conduct

Guidelines for Respectful Engagement – Upholding the Styx Standard

Embrace the vibrant atmosphere of Styx, brought to you by We’re committed to fostering an environment that’s both enriching and secure. These guidelines are our compass for maintaining this ethos.

Report Violations

If you spot content or comments on Styx that breach these guidelines, report them. Our moderators will ensure alignment with our standards.

Violation Consequences: Repeated breaches lead to suspension, limiting comment and creation publishing. Severe infractions result in account deactivation.

Navigating Styx – Tips for Interaction

  • Compliments: Share praise for fellow creators.
  • Welcoming: Help newcomers with constructive advice.
  • Inquiries: Feel free to ask about techniques, respecting creators’ discretion.
  • Emotions: Express your feelings about inspiring content.
  • Privacy: Never share personal info (e.g., phone, address) in creations, comments, or chats.

Determining NSFW Content (Not Safe For Work)

Styx permits NSFW content if properly labeled. Aligns with M15+ movie/TV standards. Includes:

  • Moderate Sexual Themes: Acceptable with labeling.
  • Graphic/Violent Content: Included.
  • Inappropriate Language/Themes: Avoid.
  • Illegal Activities/Drugs: Prohibited.

Single Styx Account Usage

  • Single Account Rule: Maintain one account per person.
  • Integrity Upheld: Prevents misuse of badges, credits, feed manipulation, and challenge entries.

Restricted Content Categories

Content not approved includes:

  • Excessive Requests: No spamming for likes/follows.
  • Non-Constructive Criticism: Maintain positivity.
  • Child Exploitation: Zero tolerance.
  • Explicit Sexual Content: Strictly prohibited.
  • Discrimination: Against any form.
  • Political Content: Avoid divisive content.
  • Gore/Violence/Offense: Prohibited.
  • Bullying/Harassment: Not tolerated.
  • Spam: Discouraged.

Automated Moderation

Automoderator assists:

  • Profanity/Links: Flags guideline violations.
  • Spam Detection: Links flagged (except Styx pages). Users can “Show anyway” pending moderator review.
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