The Laboratory is a showcase, gallery and archive of tech modules that are currently in production at Nyx Labs.

Here you can find our repositories and forays into web3, blockchain, automation, gamification and design endeavours in an effort to provide an open database and insight into the way this place works!

Have fun, give credit and use responsibly!

Web3 Applications


EIDOS is a combination of an ERC 721 “Non-fungible Token” and the IPFS (Interplanetary File System) to create tokenized and immutable “digital twins” directly on the blockchain. Files can be uploaded to the Ethereum cloud where they receive a unique Hash Signature for each file. A unique QR code and Download Link can also be generated for each object.

Verified files can turn into digital certificates and are renumerated with one EIDOS token which serves as a proof of digital ownership. This allows each file with an EIDOS token to become traceable & tradeable!

The EIDOS token is multi-wallet capable, this means that several parties can own stakes in a single token. It is also concepted to be multi-blockchain compatible.

You could use it to store artwork, patented media, shop inventories, code or certificates to name but a few examples!

EIDOS can also work in tandem with Ethereum, Drachmae and other cryptocurrencies to name but a few examples..

This works with a wide range of file formats including Images, Sound, Video, Documents and Code.

Non-fungible tokens have unique attributes; they are usually linked to a specific asset. They can be used to prove the ownership of digital items like game skins right through to the ownership of physical assets by single or even multiple owners.

These are just the beginning of the potential applications for NFTs as developments continue to emerge in the worlds of art, music, software development, fundraising, real-life land registries and digital rights emerging.

We are excited to be a part of it!

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Alpha Drachmae

Discord Bots


A multi-purpose development, community and service bot with modular functionality for our Discord Community and beyond.

View the Codebase or see it in action in our Server!

This Bots are authored, developed and maintained by Candyman


This bot serves as a semi-automatic payout, tipping, airdrop, portfolio and reporting system within Discord channels! In combination with the venerable this duo can add an entire blockchain economy to your server. Best enjoyed with robust security and filtering methods in place.


ETH & Friends

ETH is a bot made to track Ethereums tokenomics. The bot displays Ethereums price as its nickname and its 24hr % as its nickname; it also utlilises colour roles to change its colour to green or red depending on its 24hr %, as well as displaying an arrow to indicate this also.

This nifty bot also exists in BTC, BNB, HIVE, CAKE, MATIC, ADA and several other variations. Further currencies can be implemented upon request.

These Bots are authored, developed and maintained by Adam


Software & Code Snippets

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Technical Support

Want to collaborate, publishy your work or contribute to the river in other creative ways?

Pick our brains over in the Discord Tech Support!
or reach us via the Contact page.

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