A Random Sketch and Paint- Art Progression

This progression was one of randomness. Meaning, I was going to go with the flow in regards to how I filled out the page. There was no plan from start to finish. One does eventually evolve! But there isn’t one specific end goal in mind for this. As you can see, I started with two circles this time just for an extra element of random. From there a dinosaur quickly took shape using the smaller inner circle for the majority of its head. From there, this piece poured out of me quickly. Just throwing down the various things I enjoy drawing and painting into a small semi-portrait. There wasn’t much time between the start and the finish of this piece. I was completing it much quicker than I normally do. I had to stop and remind myself to take photographs of the progress.

Here is a pencil for size reference. As you can see, I wasn’t working with a huge amount of space. This was completely by choice though and it ended up making a great centerpiece for the page.

Sidenote: It kind of looked like a death star at this stage, hehe.


Bloop. We have the start of our plant growth. Two little shroom friends!


The whole piece quickly filled with foliage. Not my best work, but I wasn’t going for mind-blowing. I was just doing this for myself in my sketchbook. I used drooping lines as vines. They did end up looking like disruptions in the circle. This didn’t bother me enough to attempt to remedy it though.


Midway through waiting for the watercolors to dry, I started inking. Once I got going I found it so hard to stop! I quickly finished the outline and moved on to slapping the page with some more watercolors! Dinosaur also got a bit of an eyebrow lift.

I felt like this was a little more natural and a lot less sassy, haha.


Detailing behind the jaws and neck are some of my favorite areas to work with. Overall I am pretty happy with how this little portrait turned out. Mostly happy with the shading of the dinosaur and the amethyst. If I could choose some things to “redo”, I would most likely change the colors of the blue flowers. I would also change the thickness of the outline on the leaves or maybe even make them a little bigger to account for how thick the outline ended up being. I do think I will end up revisiting this and adding the outline of the larger circle back into the equation. So the moss doesn’t just look like it’s hanging there for no reason and with no context.

Doodler Tools:
-Micron 005, 02, Brush Marker
-Pentel Waterbrush
-ShinHan Water Color
-Staedtler 2H Led


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No, No, No!
Don't you know?
Dinosaurs died out aeons ago!
Dragons however...well that's a different story altogether... 🙂
@peepso_user_66(stickupboys) Thank you! I don't think you will have to worry about stumbling upon it! But, there are much more *magical* things to be found here!
@peepso_user_75(dibblers.dabs) A cave long-hidden leads you through to a secret land of dinosaurs and extinct beasts. Wouldn't that be something!