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Digital hieroglyphics; the old turtle called it. Apparently Icarus learned how to leave these marks behind. during his travels. Perhaps it will lead us to him if we find more digital clues like this?

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Class: Mythological
Type: Flying/Hero


Icarus, the legendary figure from Greek mythology, is known for his ambitious attempt to escape Crete using wings made of feathers and wax. His story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked ambition.


  • Wax Wings: Icarus gains the ability to fly, granting him a significant advantage in aerial combat. He can soar above his enemies, evading attacks and launching devastating aerial assaults.
  • Hubris Strike: Icarus harnesses the power of his pride, dealing increased damage to opponents who underestimate him. This ability reminds players that overconfidence can lead to downfall.
  • Melted Dreams: As a tribute to his risky endeavor, if Icarus takes excessive heat-based damage, his wings temporarily weaken, grounding him for a short duration. This weakness reflects the vulnerability of his ambitious flight.


  • Attack: 1500
  • Defense: 1200
  • Health: 1800


Icarus, son of Daedalus, was imprisoned in the Labyrinth of King Minos along with his father. Determined to escape, Daedalus crafted wings made of feathers and wax for both of them. With their wings attached, they soared into the sky, embracing the freedom of flight.

Icarus serves as a symbol of ambition and the pursuit of freedom. His tale reminds us of the importance of balancing ambition with caution, as unchecked desires can lead to unforeseen consequences.


  • Icarus is often depicted in art with his wings spread, soaring through the sky, embodying the spirit of freedom and ambition.
  • The myth of Icarus has inspired numerous literary works, paintings, sculptures, and even songs, showcasing his enduring influence on art and culture.
  • The term “Icarus complex” has been coined to describe an individual’s desire to reach great heights without considering the potential consequences.
  • In some variations of the myth, Icarus had a sister named Perdix, who also played a role in the creation of the wings.

Harness the power of Icarus wisely, for his flight comes with great risks. Will you rise above your adversaries or be grounded by your own ambition? The choice is yours.


Travel along the River Styx to locations and shards further downriver.

Keep in mind that the available paths change depending on where you are

Discovering and interacting with other areas in the river is certain to lead to unexpected outcomes.

Exploration is encouraged.

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