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MarshMellowMan exchanged 72 XP for 7 Mana
Thomaslhp exchanged 10000 XP for 1000 Mana
Thomaslhp exchanged 1000 XP for 100 Mana
Thomaslhp exchanged 100 XP for 10 Mana
Thomaslhp exchanged 100 Mana for 1000 XP
Suharik exchanged 10000 XP for 1000 Mana
Suharik exchanged 5000 XP for 500 Mana
Witchzell exchanged 90 Mana for 900 XP
Witchzell exchanged 1500 Mana for 15000 XP
Witchzell exchanged 500 Mana for 5000 XP
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Transmutation is the art of swapping Experience for Mana and back again. “Sloshing it back and forth” if you will. So if you have excess of either resource you may utilise transmutation to reach equilibrium again at a semi-fixed rate.

Some believe that this is a straightforward trade but the somewhat chaotic and unstable nature of Mana can often lead to surprising results when treating it. As always, caution is advised when handling magical resources of any kind (especially during Beta!)

Travel along the River Styx to locations and shards further downriver.

Keep in mind that the available paths change depending on where you are

Discovering and interacting with other areas in the river is certain to lead to unexpected outcomes.

Exploration is encouraged.

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The Tavern
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