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The River Styx

The River

"The River" is made up of many locations, adaptables, items, spirit stakes, story pages, blockchain modules and more!

Each souls progress along the river is unique. Think of it as an RPG that "grows" with you.

As the current and flow of the river shifts, different options will become available here for you to explore.

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Incantation Flow

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Welcome little Dragon!

This is the spring of the River Styx. From here you can explore and add to the ever-shifting currents of the stream.

Any contribution you make has an effect on the overall flow of the story. Both your own and the river as such. Be brave soul and venture forth!

Some believe that there is a straightforward route but the somewhat chaotic and unstable nature of Mana can often lead to surprising results when treating it. As always, caution is advised when handling magical resources of any kind (especially during Beta!)

A mysterious Entrance

The Waterfall

The Waterfall is the entrance to your personal Styx Backend! There you will find ways to organise your content. You also get an overview of the "ins and outs" of the River.


Book of Styx



The river gives and the river takes! 

Certain incantations come with a predefined casting cost payable in Mana! Fear not however, having no Mana does not exclude you from participation and there are manifold ways to earn.

Gathering enough magic essence is essential in progressing along the River Styx.

Incantation: Media Essence
When: Upload any multimedia content
Deduct: 10 mana

Incantation: Visualise Ether
When: Upload a video
Deduct: 30 mana

Incantation: Soundwave Summon
When: Upload audio
Deduct: 20 mana

Incantation: Data Assembly
When: Publish a new post using a Template
Deduct: 25 mana

Incantation: Item transfer
When: Transfer an achievement/Item/adaptable
Deduct: 10 mana

...the river will provide

Incantation: Touch the River
When: Publish a new post
Deduct: 10 mana

Incantation: Conveyance
When: Make a new transfer
Deduct: 5 mana

Incantation: Transmute
When: Make a new exchange (Mana/XP)
Deduct: 5 mana

Incantation: Soulforge
When: Mint/Publish an NFT
Deduct: 50 mana

An Adaptable

Nearby Creatures

Adaptables are creatures native to the river that souls (like you!) are able to befiend!

They each have unique traits and characteristics. They also each come with a different strategy necessary for catching them!

Acquiring these little sidekicks may lead to surprising effects!


Item Float

Items are (mostly) useful objects that exist in the realm of Styx. Industrious souls are able to acquire a plethora of different items as they travel along the river.

Having a collection of items may lead to new pathways opening up. You may also find that certain item combinations can have rather arcane effects indeed.

Items, may be transferred and traded between souls!

The Soulforge

Soulforge Stream

The Soulforge is our experimental "Multi Chain NFT MINT"! Souls can create permanence for their assets on various blockchains by crafting NFTs

We also have a special set of Styx NFTs which are part of the story and game mechanics!

Please bear in mind that creating NFTs may incurr gas costs! Practice using the *TestNet* forges before committing to a "real" blockchain if you are unsure!

(This is an Alpha feature)

Travel along the River Styx to locations and shards further downriver.

Keep in mind that the available paths change depending on where you are

Discovering and interacting with other areas in the river is certain to lead to unexpected outcomes.

Exploration is encouraged.

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The Tavern
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