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EIDOS is a combination of an ERC 721 “Non-fungible Token” and the IPFS (Interplanetary File System)
to create tokenized and immutable “digital twins” directly on the blockchain. Files can be uploaded to the Ethereum cloud where they receive a unique Hash Signature for each file. A unique QR code and Download Link can also be generated for each object.

Verified files can turn into digital certificates and are renumerated with one EIDOS token which serves as a proof of digital ownership. This allows each file with an EIDOS token to become traceable & tradeable!
The EIDOS token is multi-wallet capable, this means that several parties can own stakes in a single token.

You could use it to store artwork, patented media, shop inventories, code or certificates to name but a few examples!

EIDOS can also work in tandem with Drachmae, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

The purple diamond indicates authenticity!



ei·dos | ˈīˌdäs, ˈāˌ-

plural eide | ˈīˌdē , ˈāˌdā

Definition of eidos

    1: something that is seen or intuited:

a) in Platonism : IDEA

b) in Aristotelianism



c) an appearance, conception, or form of intuition

2: the cognitive part of cultural structure made up of the criteria of credibility, the logic used in thinking and acting, and the basic ideas by which the members of a culture organize and interpret experience : logical structure

// the eidos is visible wherever group behavior is characterized by intellectual efforts of a similar kind

— S. F. Nadel

  • contrasted with ethos

Try out the Cloud Uploader:
You can test one of early functions of EIDOS and the IPFS dAPP below!

Feel free to upload files to the blockchain cloud. You can learn more about IPFS here!

Uploads will be provided
with a unique Hash so you can find them again later.

It’s possible to use it without an account, however it’s recommended that you use
Metamask to track your transactions and claim ownership!
This software is being built with React, Web3, JSON, JavaScript, CSS and Ethereum technologies.

Thanks to @wafflmakr for helping out with the development!


Working Examples

Here are some ideas and possible applications of Eidos!
Using the power of NFT tokens and digital “twinning”, we can slot unique identifiers into digital files
and create secure, traceable, verified, collectible, tradeable and decentralised
digital goods.

This works with a wide range of file formats including Images, Sound, Video, Documents and Code.

“TMNT – The Last Ronin”



This image is hosted on the Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS)!

  • Year: 2020
  • Medium: Pencil / Digital
  • Dimensions: 1400 x 1980 pixels
  • Size: 2,04mb
  • Uploaded: 01.12.2020
  • Created by: zeroe
  • Owned by: zeroe






NFT tokens are flexible. You can use them to store, track and inventory you digital creations.

Create unique versions with your own digital signature to claim ownership. Individual Eidos tokens are trackable in real-time via Ethereum, so you will always know always be able to retrieve, trade or even burn your token.

“Three colorful Volkswagen buses”

Stock Photography

This image is hosted on the Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS)!

  • Year: 2020
  • Medium: DSLR Photography
  • Full Dimensions: 5184 x 3456 pixels
  • File Formats: TIF, PNG
  • Resolution: 96 dpi
  • Bit depth: 24
  • Preview Dimensions: 1400 x 1980 pixels
  • Size: 22,4mb
  • Uploaded: 01.12.2020
  • Created by: zeroe
  • Owned by: zeroe






Future Proofing

Non-fungible tokens have unique attributes; they are usually linked to a specific asset. They can be used to prove the ownership of digital items like game skins right through to the ownership of physical assets by single or even multiple owners.

These are just the beginning of the potential applications for NFTs as developments continue to emerge in the worlds of art, music, software development, fundraising, real-life land registries and digital rights emerging.

We are excited to be a part of it!


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