Eidos Shard

The Genesis Stack

It ended up being the yellow fraction of the comet, that came crashing down into the Springlands all those aeons ago. The shining amber crystal that was contained within the cosmic rock came to be known as Binancium by the denizens of the Springlands. As a material imbued with radiant magic energies, the crystal transformed the region into a prosperous one of organic and accessible mettle. The older folk often spoke of stories that the other 5 fragments of the comet where washed away by the ever-changing tides of the *River Styx*. Those souls brave enough to seek the secrets of the comet must venture further downriver…or at least so the story goes.

  • Excerpt, *Styx* – Chapter 1
    Styx Version

“The Genesis Stack”  is the first Styx NFT collection on the Binance Smart Chain using the Eidos protocol.
It is comprised of 13 unique pieces that reflect the origins of the River Styx and is considered a companion piece to Chapter 1.
A massive thank you goes out to all the Souls that have contributed within and without. It wouldn’t be possible without you!

Initial protocol activation: 31.08.2021
This protocol offers 5% commissions on Sales and Auctions.

Blockchain: BSC
Protocol Activiation Cost: 1 BNB
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Eidos Shard
"The Binancium Shard"
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