Proof of Concept // Prototype

Drachmae (DAE) is an ERC20 token developed by

Alpha Drachmae

ERC20 Logistics Token & Marketplace Fuel

Deployed to:



Public Name: Drachmae
Symbol: DAE

Initial Supply: 4,200,000.0000 Units of Drachmae
Total Supply: 42,000,000.00 Units of Drachmae
Algorithm: Ethereum based Proof of Stake
Type: ERC20 Variant
Blockchains: Styx & Ethereum
Decimals: = 4

Fungible: = Yes
Mintable: = Yes
Burnable: = No
Pausable: = Yes
Transfer Fee = No
Capped = Yes
SafeMath = Yes

Created by:

ZeroOoC & Wafflemakr

Blockchain Explorer

GitHub Source


Deployed Contract Addresses:

Mainnet – 0xae152746E46F4AE20b7167bEd706B4CEeA38C253

Rinkeby – 0x1EAA5D4Df7Ca128a9b4513590211B88962060DD7

Current Network:

MainNet & Rinkeby – Deployed

Version – 1.0.0

Alpha Drachmae (aDAE) is an Ethereum compatible cryptocurrency token. It is developed and maintained by as a proof of concept and working prototype of an inhouse ERC20 token.


The Alpha Drachmae standard was developed by ZeroOoC and Wafflemakr in 2020. It uses Solidity as its core programming language and can be accessed via MetaMask. Nowadays Alpha Drachmae is used to test and confirm ongoing projects and as a test bed token for inhouse blockchain projects and dApps.

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