Alpha Drachmae

Ropsten Drachmae

ERC20/1363 Experimental //
Styx Token & Ethereum Bridge



Public Name: Drachmae
Symbol: DAE

Initial Supply: 4,200,000.0000 Units of Drachmae
Total Supply: 42,000,000.00 Units of Drachmae
Algorithm: Ethereum based Proof of Stake
Type: ERC20/1363
Blockchains: Styx & Ethereum
Decimals: = 4

Fungible: = Yes
Mintable: = Yes
Burnable: = Yes
Pausable: = No
Transfer Fee = No
Capped = Yes
TokenRecover = Yes
SafeMath = Yes

Created by:

Blockchain Explorer
Ropsten Testnet

Deployed Contract Addresses:


What is Drachmae?
Drachmae is a PowerfulERC20/1363 Ethereum token developed by ZeroOoC of in 2020-21. It serves as a bridge between Styx and Ethereum. It also serves as a utility token on

The Drachmae (DAE) token standard was developed by ZeroOoC in 2020 – 21. It uses Solidity as its core programming language and can be accessed via MetaMask. Drachmae serves as the main bridge between Styx and the Ethereum Network.

Cryptocurreny Primer

Please be advised that this project is still in active development and we take no responsibility for faulty transfers during the beta phase.

Generally when dealing with transactions in the digital realm it is wise to double check everything before you execute any transfer!

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