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🂾 Vol'Jin "King of Hearts" - by ZeroOoC
“King of Hearts” – 🂾 Vol’Jin

This is my first ever #NFT

What could be more fitting than “the King of Trolls” himself?

“Daz’ Dingo mon!”

Rarible ID:

I know exactly what I’ll be doin’ about it, son of Hellscream. I’ll be watchin’ as ya people slowly become aware of ya ineptitude. I’ll laugh as dey grow ta despise ya as I do. And when tha time comes dat ya failure is complete and ya “power” is meaningless, I will be dere to end ya rule, swiftly and silently. Ya will spend ya reign glancin’ over ya shoulda and fearin’ tha shadows, for when tha time comes and ya blood be slowly drainin’ out, ya will know exactly who fired da arrow dat pierced ya black heart.
Vol’Jin to Garrosh

Vol’Jin was the chieftain of the Echo Isles Trolls and Warchief of the Horde. It was an interesting turn of fate that led to the ascension of Vol’Jin as Warchief. After the defeat of Garrosh Hellscream and his old friend Thrall’s devolvement from politics it fell to him, the first non-orc to ever be in charge of the Horde of Azeroth. Before his death he passed the mantle to Sylvanas Windrunner. Ever since Warcraft II, I really dug the art style of the trolls taking a lot of inspiration from the then concept artists Metzen and Samwise in the process.

This is a digital “freehand” (no reference) painting of about 60 layers. Standard Photoshop brushes and layer blend modes. The cards i got from google and edited them to suit our needs. I also tried to preserve as many of the steps as possible for the process animation.

Category FanArt
Medium Photoshop
Size 4800×3600 px
Subject Vol’Jin the Troll


Digital Illustration


“Warchief Vol’jin is an interesting anomaly in Warcraft lore — he leads the Horde, an organization originally formed by Thrall with its roots firmly embedded in Orc society, yet he’s a Troll. And he was promoted to this position after orchestrating the downfall of the last Orc Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream”

“Thrall led a rebellion against the Humans that kept the Orcs imprisoned in internment camps after the Second War, earning the respect and admiration of the Orcs by setting them free. And Vol’jin earned much the same when he led a rebellion against a Warchief that viewed any race other than Orc as tools to be used and discarded at his whim, and the Horde itself as a war machine. Vol’jin was made Warchief for much the same reason that Thrall was originally made Warchief of the new Horde — in uniting the Horde to fight a common foe, both had proven that they could effectively lead.” – blizzardwatch


Here’s the animated process for Vol’Jin that I made out of the individual layers:


I wanted to thank you for being the person that purchased my first ever NFT! It means more than you can imagine. <3

Alrighty, enough geeking out for today. Let’s see where we can take this.

for the horde,

Nikki a.k.a. ZeroOoC


“King of Hearts” – 🂾 Vol’Jin

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