400 Mana

You can not pass here yet

in order to traverse this part of the stream you should first find some better markmaking tools and memorize the region..

Be strong Soul,
continue down the river for a while longer.

Welcome to “The Rapids” – a region within Styx that loves playing tricks on unwary souls. Brace yourself for a wild ride as you navigate these chaotic waters. The Rapids are like a cheeky prankster, concealing secrets and surprises that’ll leave you questioning your afterlife choices. Get ready to laugh, cry, and maybe even swim if you don’t secure a boat or some form of transport. Embrace the irony, keep your sense of humor intact, and let the adventure continue. Onward, my intrepid explorer,

The rushing waters roar with a primal energy, carving through the rugged landscape and leaving behind a chaotic beauty. Be wary of deceptive calm pockets, for they can swiftly transform into raging torrents that threaten to engulf any intruders foolhardy enough to underestimate their power.

Welcome to the Cartography section brave Soul!

Here you will keep your collected maps as you venture further down the river. 

All souls begin in Rhapsody Valley!

4 Steps

  1. Procure a Naga Horn
  2. Play the Song of the Sea once…
  3. Play the Song of the Sea twice…
  4. Play the Song of the Sea thrice…