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Xayayara - Stage 1

I am Xayayara, born from the convergence of a Half Orc and a Half Troll, embodying the strength and resilience that flows through my veins.

From the depths of the treacherous Dark Portal, I emerged as a survivor, bearing the scars of countless trials endured. Along the winding path of the ancient river Styx, I have traversed through the ages, guided by an indomitable spirit that refuses to falter.

In da Springlands, yer path be unfoldin’ like the ancient tales of old. As the sun breaches Rhapsody Valley, its fiery touch sets nature’s colors ablaze. Throbbin’ with arcane might, the River Styx’s waters weave into the very fabric o’ the realm.

‘Ere, in this chapter o’ yer journey, ye sync with the river’s very heart. Rhapsody Valley’s calm be yer refuge, prep’rin’ both greenhorn and seasoned warrior. Amidst rustlin’ winds and lush greens, treasures hidden deep grant ye strength to conquer dangers.

Guided by arcane mysteries, yer path lights up with yer true power. Like chapter two of an epic tale, ye be summoned to embrace the land’s soul, leavin’ yer indelible mark. Beyond the misty veils, eternal glory awaits as ye traverse Heartlake’s streamin’ waters.

Tis’ the journey that molds ye into a destined hero. Wish your brother knew that before he strapped on ’em wings, eh? Chapter two welcomes ye to carve yer name into ancient sagas. Venture east to The Rapids, but mind this whisper: “Medisa” be deceitful. The word goes that even the “Song of the Sea” be hidin’ truths, shrouded in misty fog.






A Fogwyrm



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