zero’s Sketchbook Chronicles – episode X-3 πŸ“šπŸ–Œ

Always be sketching to build up your foundations they said!

So I dug through my drawers and files and found a couple more of my old sketches I thought may be worthwhile to share. These are from my first two year at University, so 2004-05ish. All done with pencils, usually in an A4 sized block. Remember, that for every good drawing you need to make 9 crappy ones first :P. Some artists may be more efficient. It’s all in the presentation at the end, no one ever sees or knows about the thousands of sheets of paper you’ve crumpled up and angrily thrown into the nearest bin while cursing “Why does the nose look like Michael Jacksons! AGAIN!”, then again…I’m telling you about it right now. I’m really not very good at keeping secrets. xD


Light and Shadow exercises with faces. Trying to figure out how the light falls from different angles.
A character design concept, including outfits.
Me trying to draw my parents car, a beetle. Tried to make a “clean” structure for the drawing here.
A Lizardman for Metti’s Pen and Paper RPG. Silhouetting and Keylines.
Character design for “Young Max/Old Max” characterisation, profile views.
Illidan Stormrage, Demon hunter supreme. The Warcraft 3 version. Damn I was good at that game.

I’ll still be archiving my stuff for a while, still got tons of character studies, life drawings, illustration exercise and graphic design bits to show, watch this space for additional sketches in the future. Back to the drawing board.

I also encourage you to come by our Artbees Discord. There is a pretty sweet community re-emerging around #artbees with talent worth supporting methinks.

back to the drawing board,



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