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Card of a Spark
“A mysterious swirl of purple energy.
It pulses softly.”

The venerable Spark has received a facelift!

Artwork by: ZeroOoC

All souls that sign up to the River Styx start out with a “Spark” adaptable companion,
which may then change and grow in interesting ways depending on the path you take along the stream.

We’ve been creating a range of cards from creatures to achievements.
Look out for the unveiling of the “Card Factory” soon!

Things are moving along the river nicely now. 🙂

If you have technical questions about this project…please do not hesitate to ask!

much love,

Nyx Labs

A strange spark.
About this Soul

We're an emerging blockchain content creation platform, NFT Mint, technology community and software studio from Vienna.
Our main project is called STYX!
Carpe noctem >>> seize the night!

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