Previous discontinued project LTnT

Over a year ago, I started the LTnT – Lifestyle, Travel and Technology podcast and had Nikki and Garry part of it as well. We covered, as the title suggests, lifestyle, travel and technology topics and project was supposed to run parallel to the NYX Labs project, but I decided to discontinue this due to COVID-19.

Maybe I’ll revive it and incorporate it into the NYX Labs somehow. In case you want to check it out – – let me know if this is something you guys want to see/hear!

I can also create a NYX Labs podcast/show that will serve as a channel for the community to tune in on the latest developments from NYX Labs, as well as future transparency reports, Q&A and AMA’s.

Comment below if you want to see a NYX Labs dedicated podcast!

from left to right: Garry Levin, Alexander Gmasz, Nikolai Schmid

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