Painting // “Hummingbird”


Dreamin’ of flying away again are we?

I painted this piece around the time I was finishing my master’s degree in Vienna (late 2010). Was feeling bogged down for quite some time but with some help I eventually started focusing more again. When I have peace of mind the drawing comes much easier. The bird is just waiting to take off for flight. Unfortunately the process photos have been lost to the ages but at least I managed to save the finished one 🙂

Now then, life drawing naturally not only consists of drawing bowls of apples and drapes of table cloth, but also the intricacies of the human body. Now add a couple of colorful markers, wanton cross hatching and swirly lines. Combine them all and you get the above. Generally I prefer drawing gals over guys, but they both have their unique challenges! Learn anatomy! Learn proportions! Draw gnarled old men and sassy young ladies and try not to giggle every time someone says “Boob.” Once you’ve done all that take it all apart again and forget what you’ve learned to recombine it in unusual ways and dabble in new styles!

I eventually gave it to my old land lady and it still hangs at her place in Vienna today!

MediumInk, Watercolors and a touch of Copic.
SubjectA lady and a bird…and the shape of dreams
StyleAbstract Illustrationism


Nyx Markets

Here’s my “practice drawing/sketch” for this one. I figured I wanted to make it more abstract though. It seems somewhat unrelated but I was going for “feel” rather than “look”:


Hint of the Day:

Playing with water and paint is one of the most therapeutic activities ever. Sometimes add a little too much and then blow over it and see what happens. Use paper and tools to take away extra color. Keep combining shapes and letting the paint flow and even the most unskillful artist might end up with something beautiful!

Fly little birdy, fly!

take to the skies,


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