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Chain Games is a new blockchain project trying to create its own gaming ecosystem, where it allows gamers to compete in competitions and tournaments in proprietary games and open source games. The project also wants to include betting on e-sports and use the proceeds to fund future events and tournaments.

They are the first to coin the term SmartContests (They have a trademark for the term). SmartContests are smart contracts for gaming, designed to be decentralized, secure, non-custodial, and Web3 based. This allows gamers to join tournaments without a middleman or centralized organization to determine their game outcomes and payouts. The team behind Chain Games is lead by Adam Barlam (CEO/Founder), supported by Fred Chesnais (CEO Atari), Joel Comm (Bad Crypto), Travis Wright (Bad Crypto) and Jeff Kirdeikis. Chain Games has a partnership with one of the most iconic consumer brands in entertainment, Atarti. Together they plan on expanding the Atari Multiverse, and integrating the Atari Token ($ATRI) into existing Chain Games titles.

“It is very natural for us to extend our partnership agreement with Chain Games. Having Chain Games as a partner in our world, in one of the upcoming lands, will help us continue to push the envelope for crypto gaming.”

Fred Chesnais, CEO Atari

Chain Games have a three-part ecosystem designed for their own proprietary games, open dApp store and the possibility to integrate with larger game studios. Any dApp can sign up with their project and use their CHAIN tokens for any gaming system. Chain Games already has two of their own titles:

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Super Crypto Kart, a play on the very successful Nintendo game, Super Mario Kart, where you race around as crypto projects and characters. Super Crypto Kart offers racing, battle mode, rocket league and capture the flag. The game is free to play, but you can also get crypto payouts for participating in these events.

Chaino, a crypto version of the popular card game Uno. Chaino is free to play, and also allows betting on your games. Currently you can bet $1, $2, $5 and $10 and play with 2-4 people.

Chain Games wants to host tournaments for popular multiplayer games in different genres, and they already have a impressive list lined up. For shooters they have Call of Duty, Counter Strike and Apex Legends listed. In the sport category they have Madden NFL 21, NBK 2k and Fifa. For casual games they have their own Super Crypto Kart, CHAINO, and a recently popular game Fall Guys.

At this time you can only participate in Chain Games’ own games and Call of Duty: Warzone and Madden NFL 21. The payouts are given out in CHAIN only.

Call of Duty: Warzone has two tournaments every two hours, where every fifth tournament is a sponsored event. Payed tournaments have an entry fee of either $5 or $10, and sponsored tournaments are free to enter. To the right you can see the payouts for free tournament, if all 50 participants play. To win, you must get the most kills

Madden is currently only playable on Xbox and Playstation and in 1v1 games. There are no free tournaments either, and each one has and entry of $1.

The CHAIN token is an ERC-20 token that can be upgraded, pausable and has the ability to be burned. It is possible to stake your CHAIN and receive up to 15% of the entry fees for users joining the Chain network. From those fees, 1% will be burned. To use or purchase the CHAIN token, you would need to have Metamask or any other Web3 wallet.


Chain Games is an interesting project, incorporating crypto and mainstream gaming. They created a space where amateurs and pros can compete fairly, and with the gaming market expected to reach $200.8 billion by the year 2023, who wouldn’t want to be part of it?

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